In this planet there is an interrelationship or interdependence between the natural environment and the sentient beings living within it. None can exist or simply BE without the other. So, if one can’t live without the other, we can assume that together they are ONE, right? So just to start I would like to point out that when we talk about EARTH, the ENVIRONMENT or NATURE we are talking about OURSELVES as well.

So, whatever we do or don’t do, will inherently affect every living creature on this planet, and US.

Today our society relies and works, creating separation and limits, we create countries, cities, organizations, beliefs, societies. Even though they are very useful and practical, sometimes they make us forget our true nature, our oneness.

Today we refer to nature as “resources”, as though nature were here to our disposal. We treat animals as objects. Plants as food. Rivers and trees as energy.

It is so weird that the most intellectual creative creature to have walked the earth is destroying its only home, destroying themselves. We seem we have lost wisdom and forgotten what we truly are.

We need to remember that our economy depends on nature, not the other way around, and companies will destroy the economy if they destroy nature.

But unfortunately, todays humans are asking themselves “how will this benefit me now? Or the stalk market? Or the next political campaign?”, when we should be asking how to create wealth, internal and external, through decisions that will help us and future generations. 

And we tend to think on how our environmental decisions affect nature, forgetting 100% that humans are also part of the environment, and that our actions and non actions also affect PEOPLE.

History shows that when destructive environmental policies are pursued, the poor suffer the most. Within the developed world, politicians, policy makers and business leaders tend to make choices that put polluting, dangerous toxic and destructive industries and facilities in communities where poor people live. These companies make us believe they are doing a good, they are boosting economies and creating jobs, when in reality these jobs and companies are often dirty, dangerous, destructive jobs that leave poor communities worse off than before. This is an example of how poor people suffer from problems that the entire human family contributes to.

We encourage you to think about the consequences of what you buy, wear and eat. Where was it made? Did it involve child slave labour? Cruelty to animals? Did it harm the environment? Did the people receive a proper salary?This is why we it is so essential to tackle all these problems together - because they all feed one another. There is no point on buying an organic cotton shirt if it was made by a kid that is being paid a dollar per day.

We are part of the problem.

We consume electricity, water, gas, oils, drive cars, airplanes, eat processed foods and basically products of all shapes and sizes - probably more than we need.

Knowing we are part of the problem allwos us to see we can be part of the solution. We believe that it DOES matter HOW we consume and WHAT we consume. We need to be more active, address issues from all sides, including lifestyle, government policies about energy, mining, businesses and government regulations.

It does matter, every action, word and thought, cause remember, we are one. ONE.